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General Aviation and You - The term "General Aviation" is frequently used in today's media but unfortunately few people take the time to learn what General Aviation really is. We recommend visiting the website to learn how valuable General Aviation is to your local community. Visit

Professional and Recreational Associations

AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association - Membership is NOT limited to aircraft owners and pilots. Any individual who is interested in becoming a pilot is eligible for non-voting membership in AOPA. The work that this organization does to promote aviation safety and general aviation is reason enough to become a member but there are many benefits. Visit for information. Webmaster's note: I have been a member of AOPA since 1984 and have kept my membership current through many years when I have not been an active pilot. The publications that you get as part of your membership are great. - Philip Romich AOPA 00862075

EAA - Experimental Aircraft Association - This organization focuses on Recreational Aviation including homebuilders (pilots and non-pilots interested in homebuilding and homebuilt aircraft). Home of AirVenture Oshkosh - the largest meeting of Recreational Aviation enthusiasts held in Oskosh, Wisconsin. There are also many local EAA chapters that offer resources and support for members. Visit for more information.

Government Agencies

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration - Their website is, by no means, just for pilots. There is a lot of information for the general public including very useful information for people traveling by major airliners or other aviation transportation services. You will find many travel safety tips including recommendations when traveling with children. They provide information on the use of child restraint systems ( safety seats ) on airlines to enhance safety in the event of turbulence or an accident. The FAA has a toll free consumer hotline 1-800-322-7873 Visit for more information.

DOT - Department of Transporation - Visit

NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board - Visit

FCC - Federal Communications Commission - The FCC has a great website at but information useful to pilots and aviation is a little hard to find. The site has a lot of information on various communications laws and regulations covering many technologies including telephones.


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